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  The Spring Festival in 2020, in the hearts of all Chinese people, is destined to be a memorable memory forever. The novel coronavirus's raging force makes the bell ring for the old and new year more heavy, and the mask on people's faces makes the Spring Festival feel cold.


  This winter, the plum blossom is still quietly open; this winter, the blue sky is still bright and clean; this winter, Wuhan is very difficult, but the people of the whole country are very difficult. On this special day, we would like to follow the doctor 's advice and stay at home quietly. We are worried about Wuhan, we are happy with the increase of cured cases, and we are worried about people in Wuhan.


  At the same time, there are a group of people, they are rushing forward, using their ordinary bodies to build a fortress for the hundreds of millions of Chinese people behind them. They leave their small homes for everyone, sleepless, fighting in the forefront of this battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. They are the most beautiful rebels from all over the country. They are the most beautiful pioneers in the new era. They are amiable and respectable angels in white.


  Among these people, there is an 84 year old academician named Zhong Nanshan. 17 years ago, the old academician fought in the forefront of anti Africa and made great contributions to the fight against SARS. 17 years later, he was ordered to take the high-speed railway to Wuhan and go to the front line of fighting the epidemic again. Professor Dong zongqi, 86, sat in a wheelchair and saw more than 30 patients in the morning. He said, "my life is to save people"; Professor Li Lanjuan, 73, knew that the country was in trouble. She did not hesitate to go to Wuhan and firmly said her oath: "I intend to stay in Wuhan for a long time and fight with the medical staff there!"


  There is no time in this world that is quiet, just because someone is carrying the weight for us. There is no natural hero in this world. Only because people need, can someone be willing to sacrifice themselves to become a hero.


  Although I don't know who they are, I know who they are for. They may not be rich, or even poor; they may not be tall, or even thin; they may not be bright, or even a little humble, their image in my heart is so fuzzy, but their spirit in my heart is so bright; regardless of life and death, do not ask for return, they stick to silently, guard health, protect life.


  Ordinary we can't reach the front battlefield to fight against the virus. We can only do our logistical work well, not going out, not going out, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, so as not to give them trouble, and wish them a safe and early victory.


  Rainbow as evidence, eternal, I want to sing. For the joy of life, all things sing of your love, and the earth speaks of your kindness.


  Salute the angel in white!


  Salute the most beautiful rebel!


  Pay homage to everyone fighting the epidemic!



  Dear uncle and aunt:


  Hello! I haven't met you, but I know you are warriors in this battle without gunpowder. You have a common name called Hero!


  The epidemic is like the Stormtrooper. You leave your young children behind, hide from your parents, and are reluctant to part with your lover. You rush to the front line of the epidemic without hesitation. You said: "the hospital is a battlefield, as soldiers, we do not rush up, who goes up?" yes, we can not go to Wuhan, you can not! We can not go to the hospital, but you can not!


  "Where is there any angel in white? It's just a group of children who have changed their clothes and are learning the way of their predecessors. It's just a matter of curing diseases and saving lives and robbing people from death."


  In the news of these days, I saw the hard and haggard figure of your medical staff, heard your hoarse voice, and the swollen cheek of the protective mask, and the tears quietly rolled in my eyes.


  You are heroes and soldiers in white. I believe that the virus will be defeated by you soon. The victory will belong to us!


  In this battle, there are countless unknown heroes who deeply shocked us with their touching deeds. We need weapons for the battle, and the weapons for this battle are all kinds of medicines, masks, protective clothing and other supplies. We want to say to the uncle and aunt in charge of this logistics support work that you are working hard!


  It is you who produce medical materials day and night, allocate and transport materials without sleep or food, so that these "weapons" can be sent to the front-line battlefield, so that they can protect our soldiers in white and help patients overcome the virus.


  Seeing the news that medical materials are in urgent need all over the country, compatriots at home and abroad are eager to find various ways to deliver the materials to the front-line "generals". Because you know, medical staff without protective masks and protective clothing are like soldiers with bare hands on the battlefield. They will only die in front of the enemy. We would like to say to you, thank you! Unknown behind the scenes heroes!


  I would also like to thank those uncles and aunts who are immersed in the research and development of antiviral drugs in the laboratory. With you, we can develop a super sensitive 2019 ncov virus detection kit in the shortest time, so that more patients can find and isolate in time. The success of the antiviral spray will protect the white warriors. I believe that in the near future, the drugs to defeat the virus will be produced as soon as possible, and then we will be able to breathe freely in the sun!


  Finally, let us novel coronavirus fight against the outbreak of new Wuhan coronavirus pneumonia warriors, behind the scenes logistics support, R & D of the heroes of the highest respect.


  Good health to you!



  The novel coronavirus came after the bell rang in 2020.


  Just a few days after the Spring Festival, the virus was found in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The virus is imperceptible, has a 10-14 day incubation period, and is susceptible to droplets. That is to say, a person who is infected with the virus may infect other people with one sentence, one spit or one sneeze, so when the virus was found in Wuhan, the situation of infection in Wuhan was very serious.


  In order to win the war without gunpowder. Many volunteers (doctors, nurses, drivers, etc.) arrived in Wuhan from all over the country and came to the front line of fighting against the disease source. Doctors and nurses wear protective clothing and take care of patients from morning to night. The driver is running around day and night, delivering materials for hospitals. In the rear, all factories that produce masks and protective clothing give up their holidays and produce these emergency supplies day and night. After their unremitting efforts, they have found the source of the virus and believe that it will soon inhibit the spread of the virus. The great Chinese people will surely win.


  Academician Zhong Nanshan earnestly warned everyone: "in order not to add a burden to the medical staff in the front line, we should stay at home quietly, do not run around, and everyone should do a good job of self-protection." As the song says: a group of people, a road, keep going, together, not easy, together is even more remarkable.


  Come on, Wuhan! We will never give up!



  This year's Spring Festival is an unforgettable one in my student life. This Spring Festival, China attracts the world's attention in a special way. However, Wuhan is not alone. It is difficult for one side to mobilize all over the country. Looking at all parts of the country, I walk in the opposite direction, and I am full of tears when I go to the "epidemic area" for materials and leave my family at the risk of my life and go to the battlefield for medical personnel. Moreover, Chinese people are not alone. There is a "epidemic" at home, which links the hearts of Chinese people and overseas friends around the world. A news report shows that all the tickets on the plane flying to China from abroad are sold, but there is not a passenger on the plane. On each seat, there are aid materials sent back to China by overseas chizi. The sudden epidemic has witnessed the cohesion and purchasing power of the Chinese people in the world! In less than half a month, masks, alcohol and other items around the world have been "snapped up" by the Chinese people! Where there is a shortage of medical materials, there is a Chinese figure.


  The short-term "epidemic" can only scare the cowards. A war "epidemic" let the world see the backbone of the Chinese people. I am Chinese, I am proud. One spring festival, I feel the temperature of my home at home, a month's rest, also let me learn self-discipline.



  2020! This number is a perfect one, which is very popular. However, the Spring Festival in 2020 is not perfect, because the discovery of a virus called "new Guanzhuang virus" in a seafood market in Wuhan has caused new Guanzhuang pneumonia. Soon there were many people infected in the whole country. At that time, the medical staff came forward and became the most beautiful rebel in the front line.

  在他们其中有着八十四岁的钟南出院士,不具 年龄的界线,奔赴在疫情的第一线。他曾经在新闻里严厉的提醒老百姓”千万不能去武汉,危险”可他刚刚转过身就去往武汉。他争分夺秒,没有飞机,买动车,没有坐票买站票。他在动车餐车里办公,到了那里一个憔悴的身影,让多少年轻人的心为之动容。

  Among them, there are eighty-four year old academician Zhong Nan, who has no age boundary, and has rushed to the front line of the epidemic. He used to remind people in the news that "never go to Wuhan, it's dangerous" but he just turned around and went to Wuhan. He competed against the clock. He didn't have a plane, a bullet train, or a station ticket. He worked in the dining car of the bullet train, where a haggard figure moved the hearts of many young people.


  Zhang Dingyu, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, was suffering from progressive frostbite. His hands and legs were atrophied and his legs were limping. The doctor said: "his life span was only eight to ten years, but he still ran inside and outside the hospital" at night and in the morning ". What's more, Zhang's wife, who was also a medical staff member, was also infected with the new crown when he was busy saving people day and night Virus, in another hospital more than ten kilometers away, president Zhang's spirit of "putting down the ego and achieving great love" is really tearful.


  There are many unsung heroes, including the police, doctors, nurses, and volunteers. They are not afraid of sacrifice, they give up their small homes, work hard for everyone, and those construction workers who build a hospital in a few days, drive vegetable drivers and so on. After that, I also want to study hard and grow up to be a "rebel" who makes contributions to the country


  Through this event, I learned that we should cherish the nature and protect the wild animals. I believe that with these unsung heroes, the virus will be defeated. I want to salute them, come to Wuhan! Come to China!



  Patriotism is a kind of nostalgic feeling formed through practice.


  Novel coronavirus infection is coming quietly at the beginning of the year, just as people are ready to celebrate the Spring Festival. A battle against the virus has also started. At the time of outbreak and prevention and control, there are always some unknown heroes who build a solid "protective wall" for us in a "retrograde" attitude. They are fighting an epidemic war without smoke of gunpowder, which is a never-ending and inevitable resistance war. They are the most beautiful rebels of this era.


  To fight against the epidemic, he is our "Dinghaishenzhen needle"


  On January 18, academician Zhong Nanshan rushed to Wuhan from Guangzhou. From Wuhan to Beijing on January 19, I went to bed at two o'clock in the morning. On January 20, at the national teleconference press conference, the live media connection was busy late into the night. In fact, academician Zhong Nanshan has been active in the front line of science. Before he came to Wuhan, he didn't retire and have no comfort. He once said: "the hospital is the battlefield, as soldiers, who don't we rush to?" he is the unparalleled national, but also the sea god needle! There is no time to be quiet, but he and his comrades risked the risk of sacrifice to carry forward for us.


  To fight the epidemic, she is our "Iron Lady"


  Yan Li, she is the "Iron Lady" in the eyes of the emergency department medical team. After the discovery of new pneumonia in Wuhan, the number of patients increased dramatically. After the night shift in the emergency department, Yan Li had to go to the fever clinic to support the fever clinic. She worked day and night. " On January 20, Yan Li arrived at the airport with her husband and children. She changed her mind and decided to go back to the hospital to fight against the new pneumonia with her colleagues The child didn't understand, hugged me and cried, saying that I had never fulfilled my promise. Yan Li said, "I don't think I'm noble. I just feel that there is a shortage of front-line medical staff. I haven't been a deserter in my life. I can't leave this time. " There is no angel in white, but a group of children changed their clothes and learned how to rob people with death.


  "For the sake of the country's life and death, do you avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings?". On the battlefield of epidemic prevention, the doctor's letter of invitation printed with red fingers; the plain language of the female nurse with a shy smile in the news: "as long as you put on the white coat, you will not be afraid..." Wuhan doctors are separated from their families, and the tears of the old mother with white hair when she is told by the door; on New Year's Eve, medical staff from all over the world gather to Wuhan to say goodbye to their families; those who return to work on the 30th of the new year to produce masks Workers; love is a bridge, the program of Spring Festival Gala changes for Wuhan


  Every time I see those white soldiers in military uniform fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention on TV, I am full of piety. They regard the epidemic situation as the enemy, regard the hospital as the battlefield, and forget to die in the fight without gunpowder smoke. With the spirit of fearlessness and the will of steel, they compose a glorious and magnificent hymn of life.


  There is no time to be quiet, but someone is carrying the weight for you. As long as all people are united, there will be no mountains that cannot be turned over; as long as all people are united, there will be no barriers that cannot be crossed. We need to be confident and start with ourselves. After growing up, we will continue to move forward for you! Come on, Wuhan!


  Please believe that when spring comes, we can all go to the streets, without masks, and share the bright spring!



  At the end of 2019, a kind of pneumonia caused by unknown causes suddenly broke out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and gradually spread to the whole province, the whole country and even abroad. Soon, scientists proved novel coronavirus infection caused by pneumonia, because it is highly contagious, and the number of infected people is increasing. The situation is very serious.


  A war without gunpowder has started in China, and Wuhan has become the most serious epidemic area. The number of people infected in Wuhan accounts for nearly 40% of the total number of people infected in China. Wuhan is in a hurry! At this most critical moment, many medical workers across the country came forward to support Wuhan at the first time. There is the most dangerous place, but they go against the trend regardless of their own life safety. They take the life safety and health of the people as the first priority, and their greatest commitment and responsibility is to save the dead and help the wounded. They are soldiers in white, warriors fighting against the virus, the great wall of steel to protect our health, and the most lovely people in the world!


  Thanks to the aunts and uncles fighting in the front line, because of your fearlessness and hard work, we have peace and health. I hope you can come back safely as soon as possible. We are waiting for you here!


  Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!



  2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003.


  I saw in the news that the new virus caused by Wuhan as the source of infection spread to the whole country. According to statistics and analysis, the people who left Wuhan from January 10 to 22 and went to all parts of the country respectively arrived in Zhoukou, Yueyang, Yichang, Hefei, Chongqing, Nanning, Guangzhou and other places. This is an acute infection of pneumonia.


  The cause of the disease is that people eat wild Chinese chrysanthemum head bat civet. This is a serious crisis. As human beings, shouldn't we reflect on it? If the epidemic cannot be controlled, where will human beings go? If we take good care of ourselves, will it happen?


  As for how to protect yourself, first of all, although the virus has become a focus, don't listen to all kinds of rumors at will, scientifically prevent and control the sources of infection, cut off the transmission channels, and call on everyone to do a good job in personal protection, avoid going to crowded places, wear medical masks in public places, and pay attention to fast food hygiene,


  Wash hands frequently and drink more water. Try not to eat out and go out less. If you have fever or cough, please see a doctor in time.


  I hope that the people of the whole country will join hands to fight against this crisis and stay at home and not run around. We can certainly survive this crisis from our motherland. It's very important that medical staff have given up the chance to celebrate the new year with their families and rushed to the front line of the epidemic field. We should believe them more!


  Come on Wuhan, come on angel in white, come on China, wish the beauty of the world be linked with you.



  Respect life and nature! We are just ordinary and ordinary children of nature, and nature is our mother. Disobeying the laws of nature will only lead to fire, and eventually all over the body. This is a lesson and warning from nature.


  With great respect, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, who went to the front line, and Academician Li Lanjuan, who actively responded to the call of the state, are soldiers who shoulder the mission. They are brave soil who take the war "epidemic" as their duty. They are the counterforces in the epidemic situation, and they are also the model we learn from.


  Bear in mind and learn to love deeply! Under the epidemic situation, people from all walks of life are more warm. People from all walks of life have made up their determination to fight the epidemic. The construction of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospital is the best proof of love and devotion.


  As students, we should stick to the rear of "epidemic", strengthen self-management, arrange time reasonably, and form healthy living and learning habits. We should start from caring for our family, study hard, and become a kind, honest, brave, strong, caring and loving person.


  Spring's life, strong, the haze of disease can only temporarily block the sun's light, never stop the momentum of life growth!